SEKOLAH TINGGI PENERBANGAN INDONESIA / STPI (Aviation High School Indonesia) is one of the college official who is under the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia. STPI is located in District Legok waterfall waterfall Kewedanaan Tangerang Regency, Banten Province.

STPI Curug have the duty and function of educating the nation's best sons and daughters of Indonesia to become a human resources expert and skilled in the field of aviation, which is recognized nationally and internationally.

In carrying out its duties and functions STPI waterfall has 4 (four) majoring in education, namely the Department of Aviation, Department of Aviation, Aviation Safety Department and the Department of Aviation Management. Every department of education is divided into several courses according to interests and talents education and training participants.

Curriculum and syllabus of education and training conducted by STPI Curug mangacu on national standards (Ministry of National Education) and international (International Civil Aviation Organization = ICAO), so hopefully each graduates STPI Curug able to compete both domestically and abroad.

Patterns of education and training for individual learners, refer to the pattern of academic education, physical, mental and discipline. So it compulsory for every student to stay in the hostel during the training takes place under the supervision of tutors.

Aviation High School Indonesia has entered the age of 59 since its establishment in 1952, and 11 years old in 2011 it since dikukuhkannya as Aviation High School Indonesia through Presidential Decree No. 43 of 2000.

During a period of more than half a century, the College of Aviation Indonesia has been active in efforts to educate the nation and printing experts in the field of civil aviation in a variety of professions, with the majors: Pilot, Engineering Flight, Aviation Safety, Flight management.

In this era of globalization, information flows more easily accessible through various media, including websites. This resulted in increasing competition in the trending of fields, including education. Therefore, Indonesia Aviation High School seeks to improve services and facilities to the public more easily find information on Indonesia Aviation High School.

Indonesia, which consists of the largest islands in the equator with a number of more than 17,000 islands, has more than 300 Airport airport so desperately need a prime aviation human resources, professional and can be handalkan and have good ethics, the STPI is the educational institutions to foster , educate the sons and daughters of the nation, a tough, reliable and can improve the lives of Indonesian people and help boost the economy and Indonesia

Educate and train Airmen Midshipman became qualified Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Multy Engine (ME) and Instrument Rating (IR).

Consisting of 3 Courses:
a. Fixed Wing Pilot Study Program
b. Pilot Study Program Playback Wing
c. Studies Program Flight Operation Officer (FOO) / Aircraft Operations

Training Facilities
Every department in the College of Aviation Indonesia has first class facilities and laboratories respectively. Classes and laboratories there is a facility that can be used by all Youth / i at the College of Aviation Indonesia.

Flight Programs
Classroom: 9 rooms
- Radio Telephony
- Aircraft Simulator Link type TB-10, Sundowner and TBM-700

Aviation Engineering Department
Classrooms: 13 rooms
- General Workshop
- Sheet Metal Shop
- Gas Turbine Engine Shop
- Aircraft Instrument Shop
- Hydraulic Shop
- Welding Shop
- Electronic Shop
- Digital Shop
- NDB / VOR / DME Shop
- Electrical Machinery Shop
- Electrical Installation Shop
- Air Conditioning Shop
- Electrical Shop
- Physic Shop
- Airport Lighting Shop
- Generator Set Shop
- Computer Shop
- Shop Drawing

Aviation Safety Programs
Classrooms: 15 rooms
- ATC Simulator
- Junior ATC Laboratory
- Senior ATC Laboratory
- ATC Radar Laboratory
- Vehicle PKP-PK
- AMSS Laboratory
- Computer Laboratory

Majoring in Aviation Management
Classroom: 5 room
Laboratory: Computer Laboratory

In addition to classroom and laboratory each department on the STPI also has a lab that is open Budiarto Airport as a means of training conditions the real state of an airport. Other Facilities Language Laboratory is a laboratory with a capacity of 30 people. Development plan in 2007, this laboratory is a laboratory for the procurement of Engineering majoring in Aviation Flight and computer based (CBT = Computer Based Training) which can be accessed not only in STPI environment but can also be accessed via the internet.

Trainer aircraft owned by the College of Aviation Indonesia consists of the type:
Single Engine
- C-23 Sundowner
- Piper PA-28 DAKOTA
- TB-10 Tobago
Multi Engine

Library STPI Curug under Documentation Unit and Library which serves to support learning activities, teaching, research and community service for the Youth and Lecturers STPI Curug.
Youth hostel is located adjacent to making easy access for the entire academic campus to visit the Library STPI waterfall waterfall.
Collection of books in the library amounted to 3199 titles with a number of books of 5939 copies. Literature consists of books in Indonesian and English speaking, magazines, research and books of general knowledge in addition to the documents published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
In accordance with the developments of information technologist, currently being planned to equip the library with audio-visual technology and digital libraries. They will also be equipped with facilities Hotspot Area within the library for easy Internet access for library user.

Contact :

Detailed information about Aviation High School Indonesia (STPI) - CURUG, please contact us at the address:

Aviation High School Indonesia (STPI)

Airport Budiarto
Jl. PLP Raya Tangerang Curug
PO Box 509 15 001 TNG Tangerang
Tel. 021-5982204/05
Fax. 021-5982234

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