SAFTA is exclusively recognised as the leading flight training academy across South Africa. We strive to be the one of the largest flight schools in South Africa.
South Africa is cited amongst the top 10 destinations for a flight training academy worldwide.
The main attribute to this is the great “non-weather” winter in the Highveld and the strong history of piloting in the country.
The aviation network is mature and continues to do so with the determination and aid of the South African Civil Aviation Authority.
Heidelberg’s airspace is close to the general flying area and is less congested than various other flight schools in South Africa.
It is also unmanned, enabling students to practice “radio talk (aka RT)”at an acceptable pace before going into manned aerodromes.
Heidelberg is in close proximity to international airports and navigation aid. We also have many fly safaris, rally’s and breakfast fly-ins for students to part take in.
SAFTA takes flight schools in South Africa to a whole new extreme level, offering all the main flight training academy programs throughout.

Entry Requirements
A prospective student must submit the following to gain acceptance by the academy
1.    Fill in pages 6-7-8-10-14 of the enrollment form
2.    ID/Passport Copy
3.    Secondary Education or any other education certificate copy
o    Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy
o    English Higher Grade D or Standard Grade C/A and O levels accepted
4.    Medical Insurance that is valid in South Africa copy/details
5.    Deposit of R5000.00 to SAFTA (proof of payment must be sent)

Private Pilot’s Licence: (PPL)
An applicant for a PPL must
•    Be 17 years or older.
•    Hold a valid class 1 or class 2 medical certificate.
•    Hold at least a valid restricted certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony.
•    Show evidence of holding a valid student pilots licence.
•    Have successfully completed the flight training
o    At least 20 hours dual instruction
o    5 hours of instrument/ simulator training
o    3 hours solo circuits
o    5 hours general flying
o    5 hours solo navigation which must include one triangular route with a total distance of 150 NM and two full stop landing at two different airports.
•    Have passed the theoretical knowledge examinations
•    Have passed a skills tested
Privileges and limitation of a Private Pilot’s licence
the holder of a Private Pilot Licence may
•    Act as co-pilot of any aircraft on which a co-pilot is not a requirement
•    May not act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft that is carrying passengers or freight for reward or hire
•    May not be remunerated for acting in any pilot capacity in an aircraft
•    Act as a pilot-in-command of an aircraft in the course of his/her own or employer’s business provided  that
o    The flight is only incidental to that business/employment; and
o    The aircraft does not carry passengers or freight for reward or hire
Night Rating
Requirements for night rating
An applicant for a night rating must
•    Hold a valid pilot licence
•    Hold a valid class 1 or class 2 medical certificate
•    Have passed the theoretical knowledge examination
•    Have successfully completed the flight training
•    10 hours of instrument instruction, of which no more than 5 hours may be accumulated in an approved flights simulator
•    5 take offs and landing by night as pilot manipulating the controls of the aircraft whilst under dual instruction
•    Dual navigation flight by night consisting of at least a total of 150NM in the course of which two full-stops landing at two different aerodromes away from base are made

Privileges and limitation of a night rating
The holder of a valid night rating may exercise the privileges of his/her pilot’s licence by night.
Commercial Pilot’s Licence
Requirements for Commercial Pilot’s Licence
An applicant for a Commercial Pilot Licence must
•    Be 18 years or older
•    Hold a valid class 1 medical certificate
•    Hold at least a valid general certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony
•    Hold a valid completed no less than
o    Total flight time of 200 hours of which 100 hours as pilot-in-command

Privileges and limitation of a Commercial Pilot’s licence
The holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence exercise the following privileges provided that all documents are valid;
•    Exercise all the privileges of a Private Pilot Licence
•    In operations other than they carrying of passengers or freight for reward, act as pilot-in-command.
•    Act as pilot-in-command in commercial air transport in any aircraft certified for single-pilot operations.
•    Act as a safety pilot.
 Instrument Rating
Requirements for Instrument Rating
An applicant for an Instrument Rating must
•    Hold a valid Private Pilot’s Licence
•    Hold a valid Night Rating
•    Hold a valid class 1 medical  certificate
•    Hold a valid general certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony
•    Must have completed
o    50 hours navigation as pilot-in-command
o    40 hours instrument flight training under instruction of which 20 hours may be in an approved flight simulator

Privileges and limitation of an lnstrument Rating
The holder of a valid instrument rating may
•    Act, with in the limitation of his/her pilots licence and particular instrument rating, as pilot of an aircraft in compliance with IFR and under IMC, by day or by night, and
•    Carry out approaches and landings under IMC with the aid of approved approach aids and procedures.
Multi-Engine Rating
Requirements for Multi-Engine Rating
The holder of a valid Multi-Engine Rating
•    7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction in a multi-engine aircraft and
•    6 hours dual flight training in a multi-engine aircraft operation, including not less than 2 hour dual flight training under normal conditions and at least 3.3 hour dual flight training in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight. At most 3 hours of the dual flight training maybe acquired in an approved flight simulator.
Privileges and limitation of a Multi-Engine Rating
The holder of a multi-engine rating may the aircraft he/she holds on their licence

Cessna 152
Cessna 152 Aerobat
Cessna 172
Cessna 182
Piper PA28 Cherokee
Piper PA-34 Seneca
Beechcraft Baron BE55
Alpha 160

SAFTA are the leading specialists in aviation in South Africa, Contact any one of our skilled team of experts for further information.

Tel:    + 27 (0)16 100 0517
Fax:    +27 (0) 16 341 7214
Physical Address:    10 Strydom Street  Heidelberg
                                South Africa

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Blue Bird Flight Academy

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Blue Bird Flight Academy
Since its formation in 2007 Blue Bird Flight Academy has been regognized as one of North America's leading schools in advanced flight traning. Our instructors and staff are committed to providing the highest level of flight training in accordance with Transport Canada and DGCA requirements.

BLUE BIRD FLIGHT ACADEMY operates out of Chilliwack Municipal Airport (CYCW) in British Columbia, Canada. Located only minutes drive east of Vancouver. The airport, licensed by Transport Canada, has 2 runways, full runway lighting allowing 24 hours operations and is conveniently located right next to the designated flight training areas with all flights being conducted under surveillance of local radar.
With its close proximity to two international airports offering NDB/VOR/ILS and GPS approaches and departures, Chilliwack is the perfect location to conducted advanced IFR training.Infrastructure   

The ultra-modern facility, located at the Chilliwack Airport, is comprehensively equipped to provide student pilots with all necessary tools to complete training as efficiently and effectively as possible. Due to its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, Chilliwack offers some of the mildest climate in Canada, ideal for Flight Training.
Blue Bird Flight Academy highly qualified and experienced instructors provide quality training, personalized towards each students individual goals.
Blue Bird Flight Academy  Fleet
Blue Bird Flight Academy have a well maintained, reliable fleet of aircraft's certified to provide 24 hour operations. Our on site maintenance facilities ensures minimum delays in flight training.

 .Cessna 152 
 .Cessna 172 
 .Piper Seneca II (PA34-200T)
Hi-Tech Training Simulators

. B200 - King Air 200 
. PA-34 Piper Seneca III
. C 182-Cessna 182 RG 
. C 172-Cessna 172 R
Contact  :
Blue Bird Flight Academy VANCOUVER (CANADA) CAMPUS

46190 B Airport Road,
Chilliwack, British Columbia,
V2P 1A5 Canada

Call us: + 604 392 4996
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Progress Flight Academy

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Progress Flight Academy specialises in providing premium flight training to clients who wish to achieve a genuine operational capability in multi-engine piston aeroplanes and attain the Commercial Pilot Licence with multi engine Instrument Rating (CPL/IR (ME)).
The flight training syllabus on our Professional Pilot Course is highly structured and based on best international practice; the European Joint Aviation Authorities Flight Crew Licensing standard (JAA-FCL). Theory training is to the South Africa syllabus for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence.
Residential students are accommodated on the flight school campus at Progress Aerodrome, near Port Elizabeth, in South Africa. The private aerodrome is exclusive to our students so there is no traffic congestion; and the close proximity of the General Flying Area and instrument training facilities ensures efficient use of flying training time.
A fleet of well equipped late model Piper Warrior and Piper Seminole aeroplanes is used for the flying training. The fleet is owned and operated by the flying school. Competitive pricing together with efficient use results in excellent value.
Progress Flight Academy graduates have performed well in conversion to Boeing 737 and other turbine aeroplanes after completion of pilot training for South African Airways, Kenya Airways, and Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority.
Progress Flight Academy is dedicated to developing pilots with a professional attitude and a genuine operational capability at a reasonable cost.

Flight Training :
    Private Pilot Licence
    Professional Pilot - Integrated Flight Training
    Professional Pilot – Modular Flight Training
    JAA Student – Structured Training Module
    Flight Instructor

Progress Flight Academy is a part 141 CAA approved Aviation Training Organisation located at Progress Aerodrome near Port Elizabeth in South Africa.The aviation training offered by Progress Flight Academy meets or exceeds the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA).  Professional Pilot flight instruction is based on the hours specified in the EEC Joint Airworthiness Authorities (JAA) syllabus and is thus the solution for those seeking training in accordance with general airline training.

Private Pilot Licence
    The Private Pilot training will qualify a student with no previous experience to fly a single engine piston aeroplane safely and efficiently in visual conditions by day. A course commences every six weeks, and the planned duration is twelve weeks. Flying training is in late model Piper Warrior III aeroplanes.  

Professional Pilot – Integrated Flight Training
The Integrated Course provides seamless theory and flying instruction for a student with no previous experience through to the Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument Rating (multi engine). The groundschool is the Airline Transport Pilot Licence syllabus; graduates will have passed the ATPL examinations. A student with a Private Pilot Licence may also be accommodated on the course.A course commences every six weeks and the planned duration is twelve to fourteen months depending on the course option. Flying training for the single engine part is in Piper Warrior aeroplanes, and the multi engine part is in Piper Seminole aeroplanes.         

Professional Pilot – Modular Flight Training
    Modular Flight Training provides completion training for students with experience and qualification beyond the Private Pilot Licence. The training is based on the same syllabus as the Integrated Course and also leads to the Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument Rating (multi engine). Students on the groundschool module (ground training theory) will also complete the ATP syllabus, but will write the examinations at CPL level.An individual Training Plan is tailored to the needs of each student.     

JAA Student – Structured Training Module
'One' Flight Training achieves a high level of operational capability that enables the JAA student to transition smoothly to the JAA Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument Rating modules. It is a highly structured course based on the Professional Pilot Integrated Course. The flying instruction is in Piper Warrior and Piper Seminole aeroplanes.

Courses are available for students with no previous flight training experience (ab-initio) or with a Private Pilot Licence. An individual Training Plan will be prepared for students with experience beyond the Private Pilot Licence. 

Flight Instructor
    Flight Instructor Training is available to candidates who completed their Professional Pilot Training at Progress Flight Academy, who achieved good results, and have a suitable temperament. It is intended primarily for training Flight Instructors for employment at the Academy.The flight instruction for this course has a planned duration of twelve weeks and leads to a Flight Instructor Grade III with Night Rating Instructor Endorsement.

Contact Information
Name    Vanessa Grieve
Contact Number    +27 41 394 1000
Fax    +27 41 394 1001
E-mail Address    email image
Physical Address    Progress Aerodrome
Port Elizabeth
South Africa   
Postal Address    P.O. Box 28
South Africa

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43 Air School

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Excellence in Pilot Training since 1988
The original 43 Air School opened in 1942 as part of the Joint Air Training Scheme during World War II. Approximately 100 aircraft, mainly Avro Ansons and Airspeed Oxfords, were used to train navigators, bomb aimers and gunners.

The new 43 Air School was established in 1988 by well-known flying training personality, Jim Kennard-Davis, and his wife Penny. The first pilot training course commenced on 01 February 1989, with 11 self sponsored trainees. The school was awarded its first corporate contract in 1992, and in 1995 it trained its first group of pilots for one of the regional airlines.
The mid nineties were watershed years for the company, and under a new management team including two additional shareholders the evolution to become a fully fledged airline pilot training institution gathered impetus, culminating in the school being awarded contracts by the major airlines in South Africa, BA Comair and SAA. In 2002 it was acquired by National Airways Corporation (NAC), part of the Imperial Group of Companies.
A team of highly qualified professionals with extensive operational experience (airline, military and commercial) provides training of an international standard to some 300 airline, military, corporate and self sponsored students from around the world.
43 Air School is a dedicated flying training organisation, catering for the private, general commercial, airline and military sectors. We have extensive experience in training self and corporate sponsored pilots from different cultural backgrounds and from various countries around the world.
The school offers a full residential service and has an average student population of approximately 300 at its main and Bulembu campuses. The staff complement is about 200.
43 Air School has established a reputation within the SA aviation industry for providing a high standard flying training service. All our courses are approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Facilities & Equipment at 43 Air School

43 Air School specialises exclusively in flying training, and the organisation is equipped specifically for this purpose.
The infrastructure includes an on-campus administration centre, operations room, crew room, lecture halls,library, simulator centre and instructor briefing offices.
The school owns a fleet of 50 Piper single-engine and multi-engine aircraft as well as Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters equipped for basic and advanced training. These are maintained by our own on-campus aircraft maintenance organisation.
Various flight and radio simulators are used to compliment the ground and flying training. The Alsim AL50 (Piper Seneca) simulators are used for basic instrument training whilst the Alsim AL1-2 (Baron 58) and Alsim AL200 MCC (Cessna Citation, BE 200) are used for instrument procedural and more advanced training.
The school recently acquired a state-ot-the-art R22/Bell 206 flight simulator enabling it to offer its rotary wing students instrument procedural training on a rotary wing device.

43 Air School Contact Details

Contact: 43 Air School Marketing Department
Phone: +27 46 6043600
Fax: +27 46 6242432
Address: 43 Air School
Private Bag x43
Port Alfred
South Africa
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U-Fly Training Academy

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U-Fly Training Academy
U-Fly Training Academy was established in 2007 as a flight Training Academy that could provide aspiring pilots their chance to fulfill their aviation aspirations through the school’s low cost but comprehensive flight training program.
To start a journey of a thousand steps you will need to take the first one and on the aviation ladder your first step is the Private Pilot License.
At U-Fly Training Academy we fly sleek, modern Piper Warrior and Piper Archer aircraft with full IF capability. These aircraft are both comfortable platforms for students to learn the basic maneuvers associated with powered flight and also great aircraft for advanced training and hour building.
In addition to the Private Pilot’s Licence U-Fly also provides training for students seeking to begin their Night Rating, Instrument Flight Rating, Commercial Pilots License, Airline Transport Pilots Licence, Initial Multi Engine rating and ground courses in Radio Telephony, Crew Resource Management and Air Law.
U-Fly Training Academy cater for both International and Domestic students and have been highly successful in our training of International students right up to their Commercial level.

 U-Fly Training Academy  is based at Rand Airport on the South Eastern side of the Johannesburg CBD.  Rand Airport has four runways that provide for little delay in taxing and getting airborne. Rand also has a control tower that provides the students with a professional and educational environment so they will be able to feel confident when they start to fly cross country’s to other airports that have control towers. Rand is also located close to the Control area of O.R. Tambo International airport and is within visible distance of the large commercial traffic passing close to Rand airports ATZ.

The General Flying Area, where as a student you shall be learning most of your flying experience, is less than twenty minutes from Rand.  U-Fly Training Academy ground facilities include a large lecture room which is able to seat more than twenty students per lecture and a ground briefing and pre-flight area that provides the students a place to relax and revise before getting airborne.

Contact U-Fly Training Academy :

Phone: +27(0) 11 027 7655

Phone:+27(0) 11 824 0680

Fax: : +27(0) 11 390 1738

Address:  No.1 Spitfire Crescent, Rand Airport, Germiston, South Africa

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Virginia Flight School

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Virginia Flight School was founded in 1989 by Clyde Walker. It had humble beginnings and has steadily grown in stature and reputation. Today, the school is at present owned and operated by Bruce Scott. Bruce, has been involved with the flight school since 1996.
 Virginia Flight School have a family orientated environment and deal with each individual on a One-on-One basis thereby providing a professional yet personal service to our students and customers. When you join Virginia Flight School, you join a family of people who love flying, who love talking about flying and who help each other to achieve their ultimate goal, be it the PPL, CPL or ATPL.

Virginia Flight School pride ourselves on the high standard of instruction provided by our very dedicated team of instructors under the watchful eye of the Chief Flight Instructor. These instructors are the heart of the flight school and without them the school would not be where it is today.
We believe that we have some of the best instructors in the country who are passionate about their work and deliver a high quality of instruction to each and every student.

 Virginia Flight School Safety record is one of the best in the country and with our unique Safety Management System we closely monitor our safety standards. Each month we have a Safety Meeting to cover important topics and aspects of Aviation Safety. Our Safety Officer has many years experience in the SAAF, which he has brought with him to our flight school. We are indeed very proud to have such a person watching our overall safety procedures.

Your relationship with Virginia Flight School does not end after you have obtained your licence. We encourage our PPL “graduates” to continue their flying experience with us by obtaining further ratings and advanced licences.
Flight Training is our passion. We will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.

Flight Training Courses and Services
Virginia Flight School  currently offer the following FIXED-WING flight training courses and services:

• Private Pilot Licence
• Commercial Pilot licence
• Airline Transport Pilot Licence
• Night Rating
• Monitored Hour Building
• Instrument Rating
• Initial Multi-Engine Class Rating
• Initial Instructor Grade III Rating
• Instructor Grade II Upgrade Rating
• Turbo-Prop/Turbo-Fan/Turbo-Jet Class Rating (by arrangement)
• Restricted Radio Course
• Commercial Ground School
• Private Pilot Ground School
• Restricted Radio Skills Test
• General Radio Skills Test
• Foreign Pilot licence Validations
• Foreign Pilot Licence Conversion
• Conversion to Type Training
• Differences Training
• Cockpit Resource Management Course
• Safety Management Systems Course (by arrangement)
• SACAA Licence and Document Processing Service
• English Language Proficiency Testing 

 Virginia Flight School contact details :
Telephone           +27 (0) 31 563 2080
Fax           +27 (0) 31 563 0945
Postal address           Box 201036
Durban North
Web :

All Asia Aviation Academy - AAA Academy

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All Asia Aviation Academy
AAA Academy guarantees that we will provide you with flight training as agreed upon in your contract. We do not manipulate our flight hours. AAA Academy has already earned a reputation for being trustworthy, honest, and providing accurate flight records of our students to various organizations in the Philippines and abroad.
In addition, to keep our training at the highest quality, we offer the best services and minimize the duration of training for our students. We keep the number of enrolled students below operating capacity. This guarantees that all students receive adequate attention and support.
The Management Team prides itself on its open communication with students at all times to make sure that all concerns are addressed properly and promptly. To facilitate communication we schedule regular one-on-one counseling sessions with each student.
Ground-school, flight-training facilities, and equipment is located at IBA Airport Zambales in the scenic municipality of IBA, Zambales. Located about 130km northeast of Metro Manila, IBA was founded in 1611 by the order of Augustinian Recollected priests, and it became the permanent capital city of Zambales province. IBA has many attractions: pretty beaches, radiant sunsets, waterfalls, caves and springs, a rich past, and its warm and hospitable people. IBA also has favorable year-round flying conditions.

Ground Schooling and Flight Training
IBA Airport, Zambales
(Tel) +63-47-811-3854 / 3863
(Fax) +63-47-811-3787

Training Center
IBA Airport, Zambales
(Tel) +63-47-811-3854 3863
(Fax) +63-47-811-3787

Sales Office, Registration & Administration Office
Unit 2A Airport Global Plaza, Seaside Drive corner E.
Aguinaldo Highway, Roxas Boulevard Extension, Tambo, Paranaque City
(Tel) +63-2-853-4642
(Fax) +63-2-853-2328

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