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KL International Flying Academy (KL International) considers that Cadet Pilots must know more than how to fly, they must also be educated as a company employee, as an aircraft commander, as a pilot and as a good citizen. That is why the main objective of KL International Flying Academy is:

“To provide an excellent “finishing school” for these Cadets Pilots and future leaders”

Flying Training

KL International flying training for Cadet Pilot is therefore based on Human Information Processing concepts drawn from aviation psychology sciences. Traditional instructional techniques have been restructured to complement the student’s mental processes during ab-initio skill development. The result of this training is an excellent blend of manipulative skill and a pilot who has the surplus mental capacity to command the aircraft and lead the crew.

Command & Leadership Training

Decisional skills are developed in parallel with the manipulative skills through a program of personal development that integrates social behavior, communication skills, and leadership qualities. These skills are nurtured in ground activities and later integrated with the airborne and simulator activities. The leadership training promotes confidence, which in turn builds manipulative and command skills. At KL International Flying Academy, the cadet pilot is train and developed to build the:

“Pilot and the Aircraft Commander”

To enhance the command and leadership qualities of the cadets, KL International Flying Academy in conjunction with Toastmasters International will ensure that each cadet attends the Toastmasters International’s event. At each meeting the cadets will take turns in different functions within the meeting. The cadet must also complete 5 formal speeches, each with set objectives.

KL International Flying Academy maintains a discipline attitude both at work and in social environments. Cadets must always act, dress and behave as an airline would expect a professional pilot to behave. They wear a neat clean uniform and always address the staff with formal titles and with respect.

Aviation Theory

Academic subjects are woven into the leadership and flying lessons. Terminologies and methods that complement the flying training are used so that the theory is applied in the air, and the practical flying is applied in the theory lessons. This exact integration of manipulative skill and knowledge provides a rounded pilot who has a high sense of situation awareness and a pilot who can adapt to changes in the airborne situation.

Living Environment

KL International Flying Academy specializes in small full time classes for the Cadet Pilots. The living environment is safe and free from social distractions. The cadets’ behavior is monitored, both in the accommodation and with the community in which they are residing.

The Choice

Choosing to train with the right organization is therefore a very important choice you must make in your search for the best “flying training organization”. Amongst other things you would need to know the following:

The EnvironmentToolsInstructors

KL International Flying Academy will be the best choice you can make in your flying career. Our aircraft includes the PA34 Piper Seneca V Turbo Charge aircraft and our instructors are a combination of both from Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and the Air Force. These combinations have proven to be very successful worldwide.

Your ambition and dreams of having a professional career in aviation is an exciting and rewarding one. Your future is what you make of it. We are here to provide you with the best environment for training, the best tools and experienced instructors to help you achieve your dream. Together your dream will be a reality.

KL International Flying Academy, an approved flying academy is comitted to developing a new generation of aviation pilots for the Malaysian and the International Air Transport Industry. In line with this commitment, the Academy has structured a training programme to meet the requirements of the aviation industry.

Among the courses that we offer:

Fresh-start Program
Experience and PPL Course for Singapore Students

Fresh-start Program Structure

Phase 1
Duration: 15 weeks

Registration & Enrolment
Medical Test (If medical test have not been done)
English Language Asessment Test
Avition English - Top up if required.
Engines & Electrics. Start of Ground School.

- Aircraft General
- Aviation Law
- Flight Rules & Procedures
- Human Performances & Limitations
- Navigation & Meteorology
- Radio Telephony (Theory & Practical)
- Theory of Flight
- Type Technical Single Engine Aircraft

DCA - Technical Papers and Examination
Application for Malaysian Student Pilot Licence
PPL Flight Training and Tests.
Upon successful completion of Examination and Flight Test - student will be awarded their PPL issued by DCAM

KLIFA morning assembly
KLIFA Classroom

Phase 2 & Phase 3
Duration: 50 weeks

CPL Theory Subjects Covering CAA 6 Papers

- Aircraft General
- Aircraft Type
- Airframe System
- Aviation Law
- Engines & Electrics
- Flight Rules & Procedures
- Flight Planning
- Flight Instruments
- Human Performances & Limitations
- Loading
- Navigation & Meteorology
- Performance A
- Principles of Flight
- Radio Telephony (Theory & Practical)
- Radio & Radar Aids
- Theory of Fligth
- Type Technical Single Engine Aircraft
- Mass Briefing on Single Engine & Twin Engine

Concurrently Flying Training of CPL Flight Test
Sit for their CAA2 and CAA6 Examination
Continue Flight Training for IR/Multi Engine Rating
Upon successful completion of Examination and Flight Test - student will be awarded their CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL issued by DCAM

All applications and enquiries are to be addressed to:

Phone: +(607) 5984 000
Fax: +(607) 599 4003
Email: enquiries@klifa.com

website : http://www.klifa.com



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