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Virginia Flight School was founded in 1989 by Clyde Walker. It had humble beginnings and has steadily grown in stature and reputation. Today, the school is at present owned and operated by Bruce Scott. Bruce, has been involved with the flight school since 1996.
 Virginia Flight School have a family orientated environment and deal with each individual on a One-on-One basis thereby providing a professional yet personal service to our students and customers. When you join Virginia Flight School, you join a family of people who love flying, who love talking about flying and who help each other to achieve their ultimate goal, be it the PPL, CPL or ATPL.

Virginia Flight School pride ourselves on the high standard of instruction provided by our very dedicated team of instructors under the watchful eye of the Chief Flight Instructor. These instructors are the heart of the flight school and without them the school would not be where it is today.
We believe that we have some of the best instructors in the country who are passionate about their work and deliver a high quality of instruction to each and every student.

 Virginia Flight School Safety record is one of the best in the country and with our unique Safety Management System we closely monitor our safety standards. Each month we have a Safety Meeting to cover important topics and aspects of Aviation Safety. Our Safety Officer has many years experience in the SAAF, which he has brought with him to our flight school. We are indeed very proud to have such a person watching our overall safety procedures.

Your relationship with Virginia Flight School does not end after you have obtained your licence. We encourage our PPL “graduates” to continue their flying experience with us by obtaining further ratings and advanced licences.
Flight Training is our passion. We will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.

Flight Training Courses and Services
Virginia Flight School  currently offer the following FIXED-WING flight training courses and services:

• Private Pilot Licence
• Commercial Pilot licence
• Airline Transport Pilot Licence
• Night Rating
• Monitored Hour Building
• Instrument Rating
• Initial Multi-Engine Class Rating
• Initial Instructor Grade III Rating
• Instructor Grade II Upgrade Rating
• Turbo-Prop/Turbo-Fan/Turbo-Jet Class Rating (by arrangement)
• Restricted Radio Course
• Commercial Ground School
• Private Pilot Ground School
• Restricted Radio Skills Test
• General Radio Skills Test
• Foreign Pilot licence Validations
• Foreign Pilot Licence Conversion
• Conversion to Type Training
• Differences Training
• Cockpit Resource Management Course
• Safety Management Systems Course (by arrangement)
• SACAA Licence and Document Processing Service
• English Language Proficiency Testing 

 Virginia Flight School contact details :
Telephone           +27 (0) 31 563 2080
Fax           +27 (0) 31 563 0945
Postal address           Box 201036
Durban North
Web :


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