Bandung Pilot Academy

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Creating a qualified pilot candidates, advanced, educated, skilled, skilled, motivated and responsible and disciplined to safety and aviation security.

• As a vehicle for the transformation of knowledge and skills in shaping the professional pilot.
• Become a center of educational excellence in the safety oriented pilots.
• Being a modern aviation education center that grows and develops together with partners. (TNI AU, AIRLINES, HIGHER EDUCATION, AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY)

Breakdown of Costs :
Definition No.% Total
1. Re-registration of 20% to Rp 98 million
2. After ground school 40% to Rp 196 million
3. Before CPL 40% to Rp 196 million
TOTAL USD 490 million

Enrollment Process :
1. BPA Student Requirement
a. Minimum 17 years old
b. Senior High School Graduate (SMU) and/or equals
c. Official recommendation letter from the Head master of Senior High School for student who has still at the last state required
d. Height: 165 cm for Male and 160 for Female
e. Photograph : 4x6 cm, Red Background, 8ea
2. Enrollment
To begin the enrollment process, fill out the Enrollment Application form and return it to Bandung Pilot Academy, Jln. Pajajaran 219, Husein Sastranegara Airport – Bandung, completed by:
a. Curricullum Vitae
b. Financial Information. How to pay the training in the Bandung Pilot Academy? Supporting documentation is required.
- Family Funds
- Personal Funds
- Scholarship
- Airline Sponsored
- Other, Please Specify
c. Copy of certificate graduation from the Senior High School and/or equals
d. Copy of family identity and Personal identity
e. Recommendation from the Indonesian Police (Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian -SKCK)
f. Official Certificate to declare free from drugs

Bandung Pilot Academy will help the candidate who require consultation regarding the pilot school or a professional pilot.

3. Payment for listing via Bank Internasional Indonesia Cabang Surya Sumantri. Account Number : 2.218.00527.0. a/n. PT. Bandung International Aviation.
4. Qualification Test
All the candidate must be pass the qualification test, that consist of:
a. Medical Check, conducted by Directorate of Aviation Safety of Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
b. Psychotest, conducted by Lembaga Kesehatan Penerbang – Indonesian Airforce
c. Academic Test, conducted by Bandung Pilot Academy, consist of mathematic and physic
d. English, conducted by officially Language course of English
e. Aptitude test, conducted by Bandung Pilot Academy
Bandung Pilot Academy will evaluate all the qualification result of the candidate, for determine the passing grade.
5. Qualification Result Information
Reference to the test result, BPA will inform the status of the enrollments, whether she/he accepted as a cadet or not.

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Bandung Pilot Academy
Jl. Pajajaran No. 219,
Bandung - Indonesia 40174

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